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Trusty'ol Fluke 177

My trusty old work meter has recently been replaced with a Fluke 87-5. So, the 177 is being retired. Bound to live the rest of its years used around the house for odd jobs. The question is, can ~17 years of 'in the field' grime be cleaned off of it? :P

BTW, the meter has never let me down in all that time. It replaced another 177 that was ~7yrs old at the time it was stolen. The 177 is a great meter! Its put up with bangs, bash's, drops, dirt, & rain. Never in a case, no TLC.

Its just more and more these days I find I have to read motor drives/frequency drives. The 177 gives a false reading. The 87-5 (kind of the industry standard ATM) has a low pass filter built in that will give the correct reading.

So, its not goodbye, 177. Its just, you've put in your time and earned a little R&R. So, put your feet up, relax.

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