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Image for It keeps getting worse....

It keeps getting worse....

IMO, these probes that come with the Owon are utter junk. Not only was there the problem of not being able to plug the probe into the socket (any socket)... Today this happened...

Having a screw tip probe is a good thing. You can put accessories onto the probe and be sure they are making positive contact. But, it turns out inside the Owon 'alligator clip', the threaded part is just crimped on a regular alligator clip! And not very well at that. The threaded part of the red alligator clip fell right off today. Then, opening the black clip I found that threaded 'crimp piece' was loose as well.

As a final comment, all in all, this isn't a bad meter for $35. But, expect that you might have to shell out additional money for a proper set of probes.

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A first look at the Owon B35T Part 2 (nybill)


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