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Image for A warning on ESR kits...

A warning on ESR kits...

The red kit on the left was bought first, ages ago. But, a word of warning... Some of these ESR kits out there sell you the board and all the parts you need to build the kit. But, the Atmega chip is not flashed!

So unless you are familiar with flashing firmware onto a Atmega328, and have the equipment to do so, your kit will end up like the red one. Press the button, the screen lights up blue, and... nothing. (I think these can be flashed with a good'ol Arduino. I just never had one or got into them.)

So yes, these kits could warrant a full HPR episode. If I ever figure out how to flash that red one, I'll record how I did it. Unless someone beats me to it. Consider that a challenge! :P

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